Yvette Kendall

Yvette Kendall is an American Author from the south side of Chicago, Illinois. Kendall is the author of “The GOD Maps, Volume One” which is the first installment in the GOD Maps Trilogy. Because of her specific style-of-writing, Kendall went a step further and created a new SciFi sub-genre called “Biblical Futurism" that has attracted a whole new audience to its category. Kendall recently signed an Option deal to turn The GOD Maps Novel into a TV Series of the same name. She is hard at work developing the teleplay for the series Pilot. When she's not writing SciFi, Kendall is creating adorably spooky titles for her children's series called "Somebody For Mommy!" The first book, "A Zombie For Mommy!" is selling globally and entertaining families worldwide. Kendall is also the CEO of Stravard Lux Publishing & Distribution Co. located in Duluth, Georgia.