William Hayashi

Hayashi's diverse life experiences have come together to produce an extraordinary trilogy combining traits from the speculative fiction of Michael Crichton to the surprising plot twists of Robert Ludlum in the style right out of the Golden Age of Science Fiction.

William Hayashi is a life-long member of the Information Technologies industry. Beginning as a programmer in the early 1970s, he currently owns his own business consulting firm and donates much of his time to the creation and maintenance of computer labs for schools, after school study centers and adult education programs.

Hayashi's first ever movie script was the winner in the 2009 Chicago arm of the International 48 Hour Film Project competition. His script for the film short, Fallout, won against 41 other scripts filmed for 2009's entries in the international competition and is available on YouTube. His short story, Your Two O'Clock Is Here, was also filmed in the same month and submitted to several film festivals around the world.

The Darkside Trilogy tells the story of a community of African Americans who beat Neil Armstrong to the moon and reside there for four decades before being discovered by those living on earth.

Discovery, volume one of the trilogy, tells of how the United States of America makes this historic discovery and what happens in this country as a result.
Conception, the second installment of the Darkside Trilogy, tells the story of the remarkable people found living in secret on the backside of the moon in Discovery.

Confrontation describes the inevitable face off between those living on Earth, who covet the technological riches of those in space, and the people who refuse to share them with their Earth-born cousins.

The Darkside Universe is a wide-ranging epic that spans seven novels: two trilogies, and a seventh volume which winds up the epic tale. Hayashi has scheduled new installments to arrive every year.

Hayashi also hosted, The Genesis Science Fiction Radio Series, a weekly online show for the Web site interviewing Black artists and content creators in the science fiction, horror and fantasy genres. Guests include comic book, short story, novel, spoken word, TV show and movie and other medium creatives.