Kevin King
Founder and Executive Director: The King’s Canvas Gallery and Studio

Kevin King is a native of Mobile, Alabama. Kevin, his wife Nicole and their daughter Kaiya currently reside in Montgomery, Alabama. Kevin and his family moved to the Washington Park neighborhood in 2007.

In June 2013, Kevin's wife and daughter gifted Kevin with art supplies for Father's Day. Nicole's statement to Kevin boldly suggested that they were taking away his excuses for not creating. A month later Nicole broke her wrist and Kevin played nurse for a week after her surgery. As boredom struck during the recovery time, Kevin decided to put those paint supplies to use. After re-engaging in the arts after sixteen years, he found a new place of freedom and peace in using his creative talents.

Kevin desires for all creatives to experience the joy and freedom that he receives when he creates. Kevin realized though that black and marginalized local artists did not have the same opportunities that were afforded to others in the city at that time. In 2017 Kevin founded The King’s Canvas Gallery and Studio. The King’s Canvas is a creative space that provides opportunity and access to an underdeveloped and underexposed art community in West Montgomery, as well as other marginalized areas in our city. The King’s Canvas uses art as a means develop neighborhoods aesthetically and economically as also develop artists in the areas of entrepreneurship and life-skill development.