Meet The Teams
Baldwin Arts and Academics Magnet School, Montgomery Public Schools
  • General Information: The Baldwin Student Fellows are a class of 6-8th graders sponsored by Mr. David Arnold (Math Teacher) and Mrs. Erica Ehrlich (Technology Teacher) 
  • Video Game Name: A Normal Zoo
  • Video Game Description: Welcome to a Normal Zoo! Finch has been down and out on his luck, due to a series of life events, he has given up his pursuit of attending university and becoming a doctor. Now he finds himself as the janitor at the local zoo. As he makes his rounds cleaning the grounds, he begins to notice something doesn't seem to be quite right. Follow the mystery to see what is happening at just a "normal zoo". 

Bellingrath Middle School, Montgomery Public Schools
  • General Information: The Bellingrath Student Fellows are a class of 7th graders sponsored by Mrs. TIna Lewis (Science Teacher) 
  • Video Game Name: Golden Dayz
  • Video Game Description: Kentrel has to choose between Rose or his friends. Kentrel has been with his friends since he was young but his feeling for Rose could over power them. Little does he know Rose is having some problems out of school. Rose lives in a polluted neighborhood. Sadly a family member has fallen ill to pollution. Secrets will unfold in this beautiful adventure. Join their adventure to save the 2 people they love even with different points of view.

Jones Valley Middle School, Birmingham City Schools
  • General Information: The Jones Valley Student Fellows are a class of 7th graders sponsored by Mrs. Loretta Dubose (Coding and Robotics Teacher) 
  • Video Game Name: City Homes
  • Video Game Description: The year is 2022, there are 500 thousand homeless people in America. Join these 4 friends on an adventure helping the homeless and getting power ups. 

Southlawn Middle School, Montgomery Public Schools 
  • General Information: The Southlawn Student Fellows are a class of 6th graders sponsored by Mrs. Jamica Boswell (Science Department Head and Technology Teacher) 
  • Video Game Name: Survive Covid
  • Video Game Description: Can you survive Covid-19 and make it back to America to your family and Friends? Find out as you play Survive Covid as a young girl trying to return from a vacation to China. Her mom told her not to stay as long as she did, but when opening the news on her Apple TV she hears the reporters say, "The airports are closed." Now the world is closed, can she survive...? Only you have the answer.