Cirroc Lofton
Star Trek DS9 / Left Behind

Cirroc Lofton played the role of Jake Sisko on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine throughout all seven seasons of the show. When he was cast in 1992 for the role, Lofton became the youngest person ever to appear as a regular on a Star Trek series. He was only a few weeks past his 14th birthday when he filmed his first scenes for the DS9 pilot, "Emissary."

After DS9ended Lofton was cast as a main character on The Hoop Life, airing in 1999 and 2000. Other television credits include, 7th Heaven, Invasion, CSI: Miami and All American. Prior to DS9, he appeared in the 1992 movie Beethoven. Lofton is the nephew of former Major League Baseball player Kenny Lofton.

Interviewed for the 2018 documentary "What We Left Behind", Lofton stated that Avery Brooks treated him not only like his television son, but like his real-life son, a relationship that has continued since the series ended.