Blerdover LLC
Founder and creator of Blerdover LLC nonprofit Micah “Skip.88” Blair out of Birmingham,Alabama…  

The purpose: BLERDOVER LLC is here to promote black excellence and P.O.C excellence in the Blerd world  and also to let the black community know that’s it’s ok to be different and to be yourself. If you are a Cosplayer, Artist, Actor, Author,Creator, Gamer, etc!!! We are here!! IF you want to join the Blerd world and you are looking for a start! We are here!!! IF you feel that you are alone  and looking to meet Blerds, We are here!!! BLERDOVER  IS A LLC NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION AND SAFE HAVEN FOR PEOPLE OF COLOR. We are here to motivate you and dedicate our time to promote your ideas to the world!!!! #BLERDOVER